Keeping my practice small allows me to take more time to understand your history and goals, and partner with you to improve your health.

At Balance Family Medicine, you have:

  • “One-stop shopping” for most of your medical concerns. Always with Dr. Cremin, an experienced, board-certified family physician and integrative medicine specialist. Avoid the unnecessary expense and long waits of being referred to specialists.
  • Lifestyle Medicine Assessment: Beyond a typical annual physical exam, Dr. Cremin will gather more in-depth information about your current health and lifestyle, as well as your personal goals for your health and wellness.
  • Medication-free care and minimized use of medications and supplements as appropriate.
  • Streamlined care: Dr. Cremin’s expertise in osteopathic medicine may reduce or eliminate the need for physical therapy, x-rays, MRIs, and visits to specialists, such as orthopedic surgeons or pain management.
  • Dietary advice for many conditions, including high blood pressure, digestive problems, & pain relief.
  • Time: Time to be heard, understood, and cared for.
  • Always Dr. Cremin: Every visit. Every call. Every time.
  • Peace of Mind: Sometimes a text, email or phone chat with your doctor is all you need.
  • Health and Wellness: Emphasis on root causes of illness, prevention, and lifestyle factors.
  • Savings: Save time & expense of avoidable urgent care, medication, and possibly even hospital visits or surgery.
  • Affordability: No co-pays or deductibles, and discounted labs and imaging. Consistent pricing, no surprise costs with insurance denials after the fact.

If you decide to become a member* of our practice, all integrative primary care provided by Dr. Cremin is included — without additional co-pays or deductibles. Plus, depending on the plan you choose, all acupuncture and osteopathic treatments will be included, or significantly discounted.

*Membership is not required for Osteopathic Treatments and Acupuncture services.

Learn about our membership plans here.

Ready to become a patient?

Easy Ways to see Dr. Cremin:

  1. Call us at 203-445-9060 to make an appointment for Osteopathic Treatments or Acupuncture only
  2. SIGN UP NOWPrimary Care Vitality Plan ($110/month)
  3. SIGN UP NOWPrimary Care + Acupuncture + OMT Harmony Plan ($300/month)