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Dr. Cremin has been integral in my health journey.

I had been dealing with digestive issues for years with no diagnosis or relief until I began seeing Dr. Cremin. She really listens to her patients and will continue to work to find answers. Also with the knowledge of OMT and acupuncture, Dr. Cremin is a treasure to have in your health corner.

Kirsten, Monroe

I am so happy to have found Dr. Tonya Cremin.

I had been suffering for 6 months with a chronic digestive issue caused by an overgrowth of bad bacteria causing musculoskeletal pain in my lower back and pelvis, muscle weakness and chronic neuropathic pain. I was previously seeing traditional doctors that were each looking at a piece of the body, but not looking at the big picture, and not treating the whole body. Dr. Cremin was the first to take the time to understand the interactions between my GI, musculoskeletal, and central nervous system.

She has treated me with both osteopathic manipulation and [auricular] acupuncture. Within the first 3 treatments I was feeling 90% better! Her treatments have been transformative for me both physically and, due to the decrease in chronic pain, emotionally. Thanks to Dr. Cremin, I have been able to get back to work full time outside the home, take care of my family of young children, and maintain a positive outlook for a healthy future.

AG, Trumbull

Dr. Cremin is EXCEPTIONAL, and one of a kind!

I was experiencing severe symptoms (intense pain, trouble walking, sitting, moving my left arm) from a pinched nerve, and bulging discs. After several visits to other doctors, neurologists, physical therapists… I was at my wits end. I was told to plan for surgery.

My boss told me to try Dr. Cremin- and admittedly, I was less than excited about seeing another doctor. After one treatment, I felt so much less pain, and had more mobility, which only improved after subsequent treatments. I would strongly recommend Doctor Cremin to everyone who has all but given up hope.

LG, Fairfield

Dr. Cremin Gave Me Back my Life!

After over 3 years of heel pain in both my feet that continued to get worse over time (so bad that I ended up using a wheelchair most of the time), after many types of treatment, procedures, two surgeries and 20 doctors, I had nearly given up on finding a solution to my chronic heel pain. An internet search introduced me to Osteopathic doctors. I thought I’d give that a try, it was the only doctor I hadn’t yet tried.…

I found Dr. Cremin through another internet search… She really listened to my whole medical history and considered my whole body (not just my feet)… She listened carefully each week to my pain experience the week prior and adjusted the therapy based on that. For two months, I made no progress. Most doctors I had seen prior would have given up on me way before two months, but not Dr. Cremin. She would keep trying different approaches… In the third month, she began to work on my lower back… I began to have less pain! It was the first time in over 3 years that something was making me feel better. I continued to improve as she continued treatment and a year later, I am thrilled and so very thankful to say that I am almost back to normal and I have every hope that in time I will heal completely. She truly gave me back my life!

CA, Trumbull

Dr Cremin is the first doctor that really listened to my daughter and me

…helping us to get to the root of our ailments rather than masking them with medication or ignoring them. After my first OMT session with her following a leg injury, I’m even more positive that we’ve finally found a fantastic doctor. Even if our insurance changes, we won’t be leaving her practice.

Catherine, Trumbull